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Delaying Ejaculation

It’s All in the Mind –  Eliminating Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Sufferer

A third of men are believed to suffer from premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is embarrassing and, in chauvinistic terms, unacceptable – accuse any man of premature ejaculation, and you’ll be lucky to live to tell the tale. However, this condition is very real – 30% of the population actually suffers from it! If you’re one of the poor souls suffering from this, here’s the good news – psychological reasons are the root cause of most people suffering from premature ejaculation. Below are some tips to help set you delay premature ejaculation, and ensure that you last through the late-night activity.

Eliminating Anxiety and Trepidation

This is one of the main causes of premature ejaculation – these men are constantly under pressure from themselves to perform perfectly in bed, and fear failing to meet this objective. These people place unnecessary stress onto themselves – sexual intercourse is about the process, not the destination!

In addition, men suffering from premature ejaculation feel that their partners are unsatisfied with their performance in bed. A slight gesture here, a misplaced frown there, and these men start to sink into their reverie of self-depreciating thoughts, leading to increased anxiety.

If you can relate to the points mentioned above, this is what you must do: relax! Although it is noble of you to do your best to please your partner, for once try to put your own satisfaction in front of your partner’s. By doing so, you essentially stop your own doubts about your ability, delay premature ejaculation and increase your stamina during intercourse.

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In fact, most of these anxiety issues stem from inaccurate speculations – the man infers the woman’s body language wrongly, and comes to the misguided conclusion that his lady is not very pleased with his performance. Communication between you and your partner before, during and after sexual intercourse is important, as it will lift the shroud of uncertainty between the two of you. You will glean deeper insights to what went wrong, what went well, and will understand what actually goes through your partner’s mind during intercourse. With this uncertainty removed, you’ll find that you’re more relaxed during intercourse – thus lasting much longer than your past self.

Treat it as Play

People suffering from premature ejaculation often treat sexual intercourse as a chance to prove their prowess in bed. These men often fail miserably at this – as mentioned, they placed unnecessary stress to prove themselves in this very enjoyable activity. Try treating this experience as a way of having fun with your partner – playfully nibble her ear, whisper dirty words to her and tickle her during foreplay (but not during penetration, for obvious reasons). Enjoy this activity, and you’ll eventually find that premature ejaculation is a thing of the past.

Remember, there’s no reason to place too much pressure on you. Take these tips with you the next time you meet your lady in bed, and you’ll find that they’ll help your to delay premature ejaculation. Relax, have fun, and the results will manifest itself as a night of intense passion.

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