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Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

It has been a wonderful date. Your lady is displaying all the signs that points toward a wonderful night at her home. You make your move, and scored: very soon, both of you are engulfed in a wave of passion, as you began to undress. However, someone doesn’t seem very excited about this; minutes past, and the bulge in your pants refuses to materialize.

Seconds turns to minutes of awkward silence and waiting, and still nothing happens. Eventually, your lady loses interest, and you’re left alone with your buddy, who is still resolutely limp.

If that has happened to you more times than you were comfortable with, you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction. You might be in a state of denial, and be eager to prove otherwise. When your buddy lets you down once again, face it: erectile dysfunction has manifested itself in you.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men?

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, but they stem from 2 main areas: psychological and physiological reasons.
The state of mind of the patient plays a part in erectile dysfunction – sufferers of erectile dysfunction are typically depressed, stressed-out and are not very interested in having sex. This psychological reason is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction in young men. They might be emotionally traumatized, and these mental obstacles, usually sexual in nature, prevent them from being sexually aroused in bed.

Physiological reasons usually points to hormonal imbalances that severely reduce a man’s libido, effectively stopping their buddy from doing his work.

Age is one such cause. With age, our hormonal production of testosterone decreases. This reduction of testosterone effectively reduces our sex drive, and thus explaining why older men aren’t glued to a passing hot woman like younger men are.

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Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction


As psychological problems are one of the biggest culprits of erectile dysfunction, and in fact of most sexual disorders, it makes sense to target this area to eliminate erectile dysfunction. Patients are usually asked to undergo psychotherapy, conducted by a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist. These men may be suffering from depression, anxiety disorders or any form of psychological trauma that is preventing them from being sexually aroused, and psychotherapy can help lift this mental roadblock for them to function in bed once again.

The Pump

Penis PumpIt might sound funny, but the pump can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction. This pump consists of a plastic cylinder (where you insert your penis into), a pump and an elastic ring or band.

This is how it works: Your penis is first inserted into the cylinder. Then, the pump is used to draw air out from the cylinder, forcing blood to rush towards your penis (as your blood pressure is now much higher than the pressure in the cylinder). This in turn forces an erection, and the elastic band is tightened at the base of your penis. Don’t tighten it too hard, though – having erectile dysfunction is better than having an empty gap where your manhood used to be at.

With an erection in place, the man can now initiate intercourse, and the ring is removed after he has successfully reached orgasm.

Erectile dysfunction might be funny when it happens to other people, but definitely not so when you’re the unlucky soul. By accepting erectile dysfunction as part of your life and actively looking for solutions to erectile dysfunction, you’ll definitely be able to get your buddy up and about in no time at all.

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