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The Various Erogenous Zones of Women

We all want to know what makes a woman moan in beautiful agony. We’ll go: is it this spot right here, or that small little patch there? Do you feel better if I touch you this way, or that way? Any woman will know what a turnoff this is – things don’t really flow well when her man keeps distracting her with questions. But she’s not going to tell you where to touch, who will?

We will. Here, we’ll lay out some of the most erogenous zones of a woman, all for your perusal.

Zone One: Inner Thigh

Your lady’s inner thigh is a very sensitive zone. Just gently stroking her thigh will fire tingling sensations down her spine – and make her wet down there. When playing with her thigh, make sure you’re gentle with them; going rough doesn’t cut it here. So don’t even think about biting her inner thigh.

Zone Two: Buttocks

This will seem to be a no-brainer; evolution has made all man mad about every woman’s buttocks. However, you might be surprised how neglected the booty is. The ladies like it when you play with their buttocks – so go ahead and fondle it! You might want to grab like full with your hands, or gently stroke them. However, be respectful to your lady – don’t squeeze it like a stress ball; it’ll hurt!

Zone Three: Neck

If you’ve watched the movies, you would have seen how actors always go for the neck of actresses in those steamy love scenes. Even if you can’t replicate the suave charisma of these actors on-screen, you should copy what they’re doing to make their girl all hot and sweaty. The neck is a very sensitive zone, and merely kissing it can give your lady a rush of passion and lust in her mind. We suggest kissing and playfully nibbling your girl’s neck.

Zone Four: Ears

The ears are very sensitive as well – nibbling her earlobes often does the trick. However, their love for you licking their ears isn’t shared universally throughout the feminine side of the human race. In addition, keep your focus on the outsides of her ear, and leave the earhole out of the equation – you won’t want some slippery, wet thing trying to enter your earhole, do you?

Zone Five: Lips

It has been repeated again and again, but this area is so important that it must be stressed upon again: the lips are very erogenous. They contain thousands of nerve endings, and this makes kissing so enjoyable for the both of you. Use your tongue and teeth to play with her while kissing.

Zone Six: Breast

Ah, the breasts- the one thing that can distract a man from the soccer match. Woman likes it when you give sufficient attention to their god-sent asset. Fondle their breasts, and use your tongue and fingers to play with her nipples. She’ll be moaning in ecstasy in no time at all.

Zone Seven: Vagina

Well, this is another no-brainer – you’re going to get there eventually. Besides the usually stimulation of her clitoris and her G-spot, play around with the lips of her vagina as well – they’re filled with nerve endings that radiate from the clitoris, and the slightest touch will make her desperate for you to be in her.

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