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Excite Her Through Clitoral Stimulation

Every man since the beginning of time had been fascinated by women. Their gentle curves and feminine features have caused our ancestors to club each other to see who can bring this goddess back to the depths of their caves. Even today, where the world was supposed to be “civil”, we still punch our best buddies in the face over a lady that caught both of your hearts. When you finally emerge victorious in this brawl, and get to bring the damsel in distress home, you’re face with a whole new challenge – pleasing your lady takes more than just a well-aimed punch. You’ll need to be gentle and rough at the right time. However, for starters, you should begin with this magical bump on your girl known as the clitoris.

Clitoris Diagram

What is the clitoris, exactly?

The clitoris is a bud of flesh that’s located at the top of the vaginal opening. This bump seemingly exists for the sake of pleasure – it has 8,000 nerve endings, making it two times more sensitive than the head of your penis!

When your girl is sexually aroused, the clitoris will be filled will blood, making it enlarged and increasing its sensitivity. However, the lady do not have an orgasm, the blood may stay there, making her extremely uncomfortable.

The bottom line: Make sure she climaxes.

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Where is it?

As mentioned, the clitoris is located at the upper portion of the vagina. It is protected by a flap of skin known as the clitoral hood, and it help protect the clitoris from over-stimulation.

In addition, it is good to know that the clitoral nerve endings run around the borders of the vagina as well, make the sides of the vagina equally important to induce that mind-blowing orgasm from her.

So, how do you stimulate it?

Tongue – Also known candidly as “pussy eating”, this requires the use of the strongest muscle in your body – your tongue! Although your tongue is powerful, it pays to be gentle with this extremely sensitive sexual organ of your girl. Slowly circle the clitoris of your girl with your tongue, before gently licking her clitoris. Keep the hood up first – you want to slowly increase the level of arousal. Then, when you feel that she’s approaching climax, make the final dash by lifting the hood up, and gently licking the spot – remember, it has more than 8,000 nerve endings, and it’ll be ugly if you make it hurt instead.

Fingers – You can also use your fingers. However, make sure your nails are short – think about how you’ll feel if your girl accidentally scratches the head of your penis! Slowly use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris. Gently rub her clitoris, with the hood still on. You might want to use your thumb to rub her clit while you penetrate her vagina with your fingers, and possible stimulate her G-spot with them. Just be sure to clean up the mess after that.

One thing to note – there are girls who like their guys to pinch their clitoris, but ask before you do it! It’s extremely sensitive (as I have said umpteen times), and just a little too much strength will cut the night short.

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