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Finding the Elusive G-Spot

To any man, there will be a definite sense of achievement when you manage to excite your woman in bed, making her scream out animalistic moans of satisfaction. You might claim to be an expert of clitoral stimulation, and can induce mind-blowing orgasm in her with your fingers and tongue.

However, there might be an even more erogenous spot in her vaginal cavity that puts the clitoris in shape. Enter the newest contender of women’s sexual satisfaction: the G-spot

Who made this claim?

The G-spot was found by Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg in the 1950s. A physician, this German doctor apparently published a seminal study about the G-spot, known as The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm. It is mentioned that during sexual arousal, this curious spot in the urethra is enlarged, and manual stimulation of this spot leads to extremely gratifying orgasms in women. However, his works went largely ignored until the 1980s, where sexologists then began spreading this piece of good news to the general population. Since then, sex has never been the same again.

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Alright, so how do I find this “G-Spot”?

The first thing you must know that not all women are G-spot sensitive – your lady might not be that sexually aroused when you stimulate her G-spot, so don’t be too hard on yourself when your lady doesn’t get the mind-blowing orgasm you promised her.

Before beginning the hunt for her G-spot, she should be sufficiently aroused, as the G-spot is easiest to locate when she is in this state of ecstasy. Simply put, do not skip foreplay.

The woman’s G-spot is located at the 12 o’clock position when you face her vagina. It is about 2 inches into her urethra, and is an area that is rougher than its surrounding tissue. To locate her G-spot, insert your middle finger into her vagina while she’s lying on her back. Feel for the area that was mentioned. At this point, feedback from your partner is important – if she reports an extremely good sensation when you gently rub the area you suspect to be the G-spot, you’ve got your prize!

Remember to do this gently, and cut your nails before foraging into this area – you won’t want your girlfriend to be scratching and ripping apart your genitals, right?

Great, I’ve found it! So… what do I do with it?

There are many ways to stimulate that very unique spot of your girlfriend, but it is generally agreed that the best way to stimulate her G-spot is to gently tap the spot. When your fingers are at the G-spot, gently tap it, and enjoy the ecstatic look on your lover’s face.

Stimulating The G Spot

You can also stimulate the G-spot during penetration as well – if your penis has an upward bent, you’re in luck! Penetrate her in the missionary position, and you’ll be able to stimulate her G-spot during penetration.

You may also want to use a dildo for this. As usual, you should use a dildo that is curved, such you’ll be able to put the dildo in contact with her G-spot. In fact, there are dildos that are made especially for this purpose; use them to aid your girlfriend get the orgasm of her life.

You might think of yourself as the sex god in your girlfriend’s eyes – you know about all her erogenous zones, and you know the best way to make your lady happy in bed. However, armed with the knowledge of the wonderful G-spot, you now gain another weapon to use in your arsenal. Your girl will definitely be begging you for more.

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