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Getting the Mood Right

Romantic DinnerEvery man thinks about sex all the time. Who wouldn’t, when it feels that good? However, actually getting your girl to do this 2-person activity together isn’t that straightforward. You will have to coax her, convince her, pamper her and compliment her, all the while trying your best not to physically manhandle her, carrying her off to bed whether she wants it or not. You won’t be guaranteed success even after all the effort you’ve put in. But fret not! We’re here to improve your chances of getting her pants off with these romantic inputs into the initial coaxing. Get your notepad and pen ready – you’ll be learning how to get the mood right so that she’ll be the one trying to get your pants off.

During Dinner: Food and Wine

During the big day, you might want to first fill her stomach with a romantic candle-lit dinner. Cook her favorite dishes for her – this very act of cooking for her will make her heart melt. Of course, make sure the food is delicious – she’ll be touched by your actions, but do make sure that she enjoys the dinner.

Make sure you don’t cook too much. No one really likes to have sex when stuffed, and it makes them sleepy as well. In addition, drink alcohol! Alcohol makes her much more compliant to what you want, because it shuts down her logic centers in her brain. She’ll stop thinking of why she shouldn’t be having sex with you, and start doing instead. Make sure the both of you don’t drink too much, though. It isn’t much fun if you can’t really feel anything during sexual intercourse.

After Dinner: Cozying Up

After dinner, both of you should be on the couch, having some alone time with each other. You’ll be having intimate conversations, and this is the best chance to convince her to head to the bedroom with you. Whisper dirty ideas into her head, and watch as it starts to take root. Use her imagination to your advantage!

When the both of you kiss, make sure you make full use of it – this can make or break the deal. Kissing is very sensual, and it excites her just as much as PlayBoy excites you. Slowly play with her lips with your tongue and teeth, and very soon her mouth won’t be the only think you’re kissing.

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In The Bedroom: Use Scented Candles

What makes your girl’s head giddy with romance and passion is the atmosphere that you’ve set up, and nothing can help you achieve the ideal atmosphere better than scented candles. Dim the lights, and light up these scented candles to create the perfect lighting for the room where the action will be taking place. A dimly-lit room always looks romantic, and this’ll drastically increase your chances of getting lucky with her.

In addition, the various aromas that come with scented candles will do wonders. You might want to use lavender-scented candles to make her more relaxed, or rose-flavored candles to create that romantic mood.

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