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How Essential Are PC Muscle Exercises

These include the primary focus of finding that one muscle that makes you ejaculate. It’s called the PC muscle and to find it means you need to do so during urination. While urinating, get a little playful and start trying to stop and then resume the urine flow. If you can achieve this you’ll certainly feel that ‘pull’ under your groin area. That’s the PC muscle.

couple benefiting pc muscle exercisesHaving found it, you can now start yourself on PC muscle exercises. They’re a lot like the normal kind, so don’t worry. All you’ve got to do is flex and then un-flex the muscle you found, a lot like regular bicep exercises, right? There are routines and rules to follow when doing this.

  • Sit on the floor, legs folded underneath you and arms on the floor behind to support you. Yes, this may look a lot like a sexual position but it’s meant to help your PC develop stronger. When you flex that muscle, meaning you contract it, and hold it that way for three counts (this is termed a count of three) you can feel it under the weight of your body. The added pressure helps develop it. Then release and hold it loose for a count of three and repeat the whole process for ten minutes every day.
  • Relaxation is key, for the rest of your body that is! The PC needs to be worked out without the help of surrounding muscle groups. Your butt, inner thigh, abdomen are all places whose muscles you might involuntarily use to help flex/un-flex the PC, but you have got to find a way to be aware of this mistake. Don’t do this. You give no work to your PC, despite it feeling like you’re putting it through boot camp!
  • Another exercise you can try is work your PC any time anywhere. This is one of the best ways to go about this exercise. While commuting, strolling, sitting at the office, walking from place to place… Use your imagination and work the PC muscle each time. You’re sure to automatically rest when instinct calls for it and you also get to do a lot of PC exercising. Do this every day.
  • Whenever you feel your groin is giving you pain after a few days spent exercising your PC muscle, it’s for only one of two reasons: First, you may be doing the exercises in moderation, which is exactly how you should be going about them. If so, then the pain is just part of the strengthening process, so no worries. Secondly, if you overdo the PC muscle exercises just so you can see results very soon, then the pain is wrongly induced. Go check with a doctor and keep the PC exercises to a moderate level.

The PC is a very sensitive muscle. It’s your sexual support to ejaculate, for crying out loud! Take good care of it without overworking it. A little practice and you’ll be as good as new in a few months time. Notice the ‘every day’ clause highlighted in two of the above exercises. Don’t skip a day because you feel it’s okay. That’s a bad move. Be diligent and you’ll be at your sexual best for the rest of your life and all it took was a few months of effort.

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