Last Longer In Bed For Men Video

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men

Imagine going on a perfect date with your dream girl. You bought the rose, said the right things and she’s pleased with your performance. Your prize: “coffee” at her place.

Couple In Bed Drinking CoffeeCue jazzy music and dimmed lights, and the night looks set to be filled with passion and probably shreds of clothing littered across the entire apartment. However, just as your blood leaves your brain for more… animalistic purposes, and you initiated the highlight of the night, you came.

Less than a minute and it’s over.

Such situation leaves you in a well of embarrassment, and your partner disappointed (and dry). To avoid such situations, it is vital that you learn the tricks of lasting longer in bed. This article will provide you with 4 tips that will make the passion last for more than a moment.

Breathe deeply!

Most men tend to breathe as if they’re running for their lives during intercourse. Although this situation warrants racing hearts and quickened pulses, it is essential that you calm yourself down, and take in deep breaths. By breathing deeply, you will feel less anxious during the process, and effectively increases the length of time you can last.

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Spread your focus!

During intercourse, most men tend to focus solely on the tingling, enrapturing sensation on their genitals. Even though the feeling is, indeed, very good (I understand this completely), it is imperative of you to spread this focus outwards, such that you are not just aware of the heavenly bliss felt in your genital regions. Spread the sexual energies across your entire body; imagine energy following outwards of your genital regions across your entire body, and feel the tingling sexual tension being propagated to the tips of your limbs. You will soon find that sexual intercourse with your partner is more enjoyable, and you’ll be able to last far longer than you imagine.

Kegel exercises!

Kegel exercises refer to a series of exercises that are formulated to train your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. This set of muscles controls urine flow and, more important at this point of time, semen flow. By training up these muscles, you will be able to learn how to control your orgasm through the use of these wonderful set of muscles.

The most basic form of this exercise is to simply imagine as if you are trying to stop urinating mid-stream. The pair of muscle that you flex while you do so is your PC muscles. Do about 4 sets of 8, 3 times a day to build strength into these muscles. Similarly, when you feel that you are about to reach the “point of no return” during intercourse, quickly cease stimulation, and squeeze that pair of muscles to stop ejaculation. With practice, you will be able to last much longer in bed.


One of the main reasons why men never last is anxiety. Under pressure from themselves to perform well, these men place unnecessary stress upon themselves during intercourse. It is no wonder why they simply cannot last in bed. Sexual intercourse is an activity that should be enjoyed by both you and your partner – both of you should be having fun, not trying to meet some unwritten goals during the process. Relax yourself, and enjoy the process; in this case, it is truly about the process, not the eventual, inevitable destination.

Remember, the night is never old, and you’re going to make sure no one sleeps that night.  If you want to stay hard naturally and be able to last more than 30 minutes, watch this video.

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