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How To Foreplay

A night of passion doesn’t just start when you snap your fingers – every man knows the ritual that must be done to entice your lady to go to bed with you. From the talking to the coaxing, each step must be successful before coitus. You’ll have to learn to say the right words, touch her at the right times, compliment her at the right moments.

I’m talking about the one thing most men miss out: foreplay.

Foreplay Isn’t Just Restricted To Physical Contact

Many of us mistake foreplay as simply physical arousal through petting. Foreplay has more to do with the mind than with arousal through touch. It is about making your counterpart ready for sexual intercourse through a combination of words and physical contact, the use of her imagination to make her sexually aroused. Plant a few dirty ideas in her mind, and watch as it takes root within her.

Words Are Your Best Friend

Indeed, many men forget this very important aspect of foreplay – talking to your girl. You should always talk to her, understand what she’s saying and just listen to her. This makes her feel heard, and establishes a sort of emotional connection with you. To a woman, sex is much more a spiritual journey with her man than it is a purely physical activity, and talking makes her feel more attached to you.

The foreplay doesn’t have to happen moments before sex – you can even do it at the start of the day! Whisper in her ears hidden meanings of what you might do with her at the end of the day perhaps before you drop her off at work. You might also want to text her messages like “I can’t wait for tonight!” This will set her imagination spinning – and you’ll know you got your prize when she stays up in her sexiest lingerie for you.

The Kiss

Of course, the foreplay doesn’t stop at just dirty words and suggestive phrases – you’ll have to go physical as well, and one of the hardest things to master is the art of kissing.

Kissing is a very sensual experience for both you and her. Our lips are lined with nerve endings, giving the both of you that tingling sensation when your lips meet. When kissing, go with the flow – sense when she wants to take it slower, and go for it when she begins to get a little rougher. Don’t forget your tongue and teeth – playfully nibble her lips and explore her mouth with your tongue.

Right Before It Begins

Now that you’re on bed with her, you’ll definitely get your prize. However, your job doesn’t end – any gentlemen will see an end to everything they began. Keep her aroused by stimulating her erogenous zones (like her nipples and clitoris). Every woman is different – only you know the zones that will do it for her. Make sure you do not rush into penetration; arouse her sufficiently so that she’s the one that’ll want you to ravage her. Trust me: you’ll enjoy it much more when she’s the desperate one.

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