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How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Saving Your Pride – How To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

In the heat of passion, you and your lady caress each other. You know your opponent well – the erogenous spots are all at the back of your head, and you proceed smoothly from one spot to the other, each time receiving moans of satisfaction from your partner. Then, the main course arrives: you and your partner face off for the ultimate battle for dominance. However, the battle ends before it even began – you came just minutes into penetration.

Sounds both anti-climactic and familiar? Premature ejaculation is a very common affliction in today’s society, and many men have suffered embarrassment stemming from this condition. If you are one of these unfortunate souls, and wish to be liberated from premature ejaculation, read on for tips to do so.

Learn to Relax

Firstly, it is vital to know that we “come” because we are excited. Simple as that. Following this train of thought, people suffer from premature ejaculation because they’re unable to control their excitement. As such, it is important to learn how to relax during sexual intercourse. For starters, learn to take deep breaths during the act, as this simple move will calm you down. You might also want to distract yourself from the heat of the moment – this distraction prevents you from getting too excited, and saves you the need to use the cliché “I’m just excited to see you!” on your partner.

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Recognizing Orgasm

Next, you should learn the signs you get when you approach orgasm. Many of our compatriots do not know the tell-tale signs of orgasm, and thus shoot past it (no pun intended) before they know what’s happening. Learn to recognize the signs that point towards ejaculation through masturbation. Start by going through the usual procedure, and go slow when you feel a surge of sexual tension in your body. Slowly push yourself to the edge of orgasm, and take note of the bodily cues that point toward orgasm and ejaculation. By recognizing these signs, you’ll know when you’re going too fast, and thus stop genital stimulation before you going over the edge.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises, invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel, are exercises that strengthen your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. These muscles are found in your pelvis, and are involved in controlling your flow of urine.

Your PC muscles are essentially the muscles that get sore when you hold your bladder for too long. Kegel exercises are designed to train that group of muscles, such that it can be used by you to stop ejaculation in its tracks.

This is the reason why recognizing orgasm is important – you’ll be squeezing your PC muscles tight right before orgasm to prevent ejaculation. By doing so, you’ll delay ejaculation, and achieve what is known as “multiple orgasms” – orgasms without ejaculation. With sufficient practice, you’ll experience orgasms after orgasms in just one night, and you’ll leave your partner wondering how you manage to last for so long.

Armed with this new knowledge, you’ll definitely win the next bout with your lady. Best of luck, warrior – prove to her that you’re not as weak as she think you are, and emerge as the victor in your next clash with her.

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