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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Nothing kills a night of passion off more efficiently and effectively than premature ejaculation – the longevity of the night essentially depends on your ability to hold back ejaculation. Just one stray moment when you lose focus and – oops – you’ll be grinning sheepishly as your partner stares incredulously at you. Cue the awkward silence that seems to go on forever.
So, as any good man would, you are determined to make this condition history. Well, you’re in luck! This article provides you will various tips on how to delay premature ejaculation; you’ll never say “oops!” again in bed.

Take slow, deep breaths

Deep BreathingOne thing you must understand is that men ejaculate when they reach orgasm – the heavenly feeling when you get to release your already-bursting sexual tension in one glorious eruption. Thus, it is logical to say that you’ll ejaculate faster if you reach this peak sooner. By taking deep breaths, you stall yourself from reaching this peak. An analogy: imagine letting some air of a balloon that is almost at its bursting point. Regulate your breathing, and your lady will never look at you the same way again.

Stop-and-Start Technique

After mastering the art of breathing regulation, it is now time to move on to a more advanced technique – the stop-and-start. This essentially means to stop you from ejaculating by ceasing penetration or stimulation. Whenever you feel a mighty eruption coming from your genital region, steel your resolve and stop whatever stimulation you are receiving. Wait for the feeling to subside before continuing. This technique is very useful in prolonging the session, and by delaying orgasm to the last possible moment, you’ll find yourself almost as if you’re in paradise when the moment comes.

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Playing with yourself

Another method to delay ejaculation is simple – masturbate a few hours before intercourse. After masturbation, your sexual libido decreases. With a lower libido, during intercourse, you’ll find that you won’t be as excited as you would; excitement is what causes you to orgasm. With this lowered state of ecstasy, you’ll find yourself lasting much longer in bed. Of course, the process won’t as enjoyable compared to if you had not masturbated; the sensation you get from penetration will seem to be numbed.

One thing to note: make sure you do this a few hours before the projected time of the activity, not moments before – it is one thing to last longer during intercourse, and another if you find yourself suffering from temporary erectile dysfunction.


If you find yourself desperate to last longer in bed, you can always take a swing of alcohol before moving in for the kill. Alcohol is a depressant – this means that it slows down your brain activity. Even though any excitement felt from sexual intercourse will be very much muted, this effectively increases the length of the entire session. However, keep in mind not to drink too much – falling asleep halfway during intercourse isn’t funny at all when you’re the offender.

Well, I hope these will help you last longer in bed. Nothing hurts a man’s pride more than a display of weakness when he is most vulnerable – naked in bed – and these pointers will help you restore your pride.

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