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Kegel Exercises – The Key to Superman Stamina

Everyone wants to be hailed as the guy who just seem to be able to go on and on in bed. Everyone wants to be able to last throughout the night. They want to know how be able to control their orgasm and delay ejaculation. Sadly, not a lot of them know the trick to superman stamina – PC muscles. And the key to activating this less-known muscle group responsible for god-like stamina in bed? Kegel exercises.

First up: What are PC muscles, and where can I find them?

The pubococcygeus (PC) muscles are found in your pelvic region. They’re the muscle group that stops your urine flow when you’re standing before the urinal. See the connection with how PC muscles can stop ejaculation? By squeezing your PC muscles tight when you’re about to ejaculate, you can stop ejaculation right in its tracks!

I felt something tightening, but it doesn’t really stop my urine flow

Well, this is because your PC muscles aren’t strong enough. You have to make sure that they’re sufficiently strong before they’re of use to you while in bed. This are what the Kegel exercises are for – designed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, Kegel exercises were first designed for pregnant women to prepare themselves for childbirth. However, the enterprising innovators of today have found another use of Kegel exercises – delaying ejaculation, thus improving stamina in bed.

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So, how do I conduct these exercises?

Endurance training – This should be the very first of Kegel exercises you attempt. Start by rapidly contracting and relaxing your PC muscles. This way, you be able to learn how to activate your PC muscles, and gives you more control over them.

In addition, this exercise helps you build up endurance – vital if you want to use it effectively to help you prolong your stamina. It might seem easy, but you won’t be able to last more than a minute at the start. If you don’t believe me, try it! The aim of this exercise is to reach the point where you can rapidly squeeze and relax your PC muscles for prolonged periods of time.

You should do this 3 or 4 times per day, with 3 sets for each “workout session”. You can essentially do this anywhere, anytime; no one can see that you’re doing Kegel exercises. Isn’t that convenient?

Strength training – Once you have your endurance right, you should mix in some strength training as well This gives your PC muscles enough strength to actually hold your ejaculate back, preventing them from exiting your body.

Start as per normal, squeezing your PC muscles as tight as possible. However, in this exercise, you will have to contract them as long as you can. Once you feel yourself losing control of your PC muscles, let go, and take a 1-minute rest. Repeat for 2 more times, and you would have finished one session. Do it 3 times each day, and you’ll be on the way to stronger PC muscles.

With this exercises, you’ll find that controlling your ejaculate isn’t that hard. Stronger PC muscles translate to better stamina in bed, and this in turns improves one aspect of your performance in bed. Give it a try!

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