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Mistakes When Trying To Last Longer In Bed

While women are blessed with multiple orgasms, letting them have non-stop fun during sex, men are resigned to the fact that they not only finish much faster than women, but also require a longer gap in between orgasms to get ready after one round. Especially due to the long period of waiting in between orgasms, it is more important for men to be able to hold off ejaculation for as long as possible each time they have sex, in order to provide more pleasure to their partners and to ensure that they orgasm before men ejaculate. However, there are some elementary mistakes men make in bed which impedes their performance and prevents them from performing for an adequate time. Read on to find out about some of the common mistakes men make when trying to last longer in bed.

last longer in bed mistakesDo not get overexcited. You may feel that the more aroused you are, the longer you can last during sex. However, this is an extremely wrong misconception. The more excited you feel when having sex, the sooner you tend to finish. In order to last longer, you need to control your urge to ejaculate by mastering your ability to not get too carried away during sex. The more your control over your sexual urges, the longer you can last in bed.

Relinquish control over to your partner. You may feel that you can put your best foot forward when having sex in the missionary position, as you have far more control over the pace in this position. This, unfortunately, is not the case. The missionary position is one of the most strenuous sexual positions from a man’s perspective, requiring you to exert yourself to a great extent. The more you tend to exert yourself, the more you tire yourself down during sex, and the sooner you climax. On the other hand, when your partner is on top, your muscles are far more relaxed and there is no build up of strain taking place in your body. This lets you hold your erection for a longer time and delay the need to ejaculate, thereby enjoying sex for more time.

Sex is not like diving underwater, you do not need to hold your breath when engaging in sexual activity under the fear that a few breaths will cost you an erection. As you take deep breaths, you tend to relax all muscles in your body and avoid the build up of tension in them. The need to ejaculate grows as the tension in your muscles increases, culminating in a climax. When you take deep breaths during sex, you help dissipate this stress build up and hence, can last for a longer time.

Do not hesitate to try new positions. The momentary pause in your routine as you switch positions will not cause an ejaculation. On the contrary, this pause not only helps you recollect your breath, but also provides an opportunity to add more variety, making your body more keen to last longer in the game, and helps keep away the urge of ejaculation for a longer time.

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