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Premature Ejaculation Causes

So what are the culprits of premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is a sad affliction on many men. These men are unable to control their ejaculation, such that they “come” just moments after sexual penetration, or even before penetration. Being men, they’re often deeply scarred by this condition; this is seen as a heavy blow to their pride (who doesn’t want to boast that they can last forever in bed?).

So, what’s the root cause of this condition? Why do some men last for what seem like an eternity in bed, while others simply “misfire” all the time?

Psychological Reasons

Men who suffer from this unfortunate condition usually have anxiety problems as well. These people are naturally worried about a great many things. This does not really help them in bed – all the nagging thoughts in their head contribute to their anxiety while having sexual intercourse with their partners. They may look upon sexual intercourse as proving grounds of their chauvinism and the accompanying doubts about their competency mounts even more pressure on them. Thus, when the moment has come for these good men to fulfill their destiny, they do it – quickly.

In addition, a long period without sexual contact may cause premature ejaculation as well. Men all naturally crave to procreate. As such, when he finally gets to copulate with a partner of his choice, the floodgates open in a flash, and the session ends early. This, however, is probably a temporary condition – once the excess libido is released, the person should last a lot longer next time he undergoes sexual intercourse.

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Evolutionary Reasons

Evolution In ProcreationPremature ejaculation causes also includes evolutionary reasons as well. It is thought by evolutionary biologists that premature ejaculation might confer evolutionary advantages to our ancestors. In the past, our ancestors do not experience the same level of security as us today; they have to be constantly on guard, fending off the various dangers nature throws at them. As such, the male who can ejaculate quicker has, theoretically, a smaller frame of time where he is vulnerable. This ironically confers them an evolutionary advantage against guys who can last longer i.e. men who last longer have a higher chance of being killed by a predator then.

Biological Reasons

There are many biological reasons, but age is by far the most important factors to affect sexual performance. Not surprisingly, men tend to get better as they age – they get more experienced, and less excited with repeated sexual contacts (excitement is what leads men to orgasms). They eventually learn how to control their ejaculation, allowing them to last longer in bed. In addition, older men tend to have fewer libidos because of a slowdown in production of hormones in their body, making the sexual encounter less sensational for them.

The lacks of certain hormones are one of the possible premature ejaculation causes as well. Prolactin, a hormone that is produced when sexually aroused, is known to be positively correlated to the time taken for ejaculation – the more Prolactin in the body, the longer it takes for ejaculation to occur. As such, men with naturally lower counts of Prolactin in the body are susceptible to premature ejaculation.

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