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Premature Ejaculation Cures

Premature ejaculation is a serious blow to any man’s pride – who wouldn’t want to brag about how they lasted hours and hours, make their partners scream in ecstasy as they literally rocked their entire world? Of course, if this is the case, they might be suffering from retarded ejaculation, but to the man with premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation will seem like a better option.

Premature Ejaculation Troubles

Premature Ejaculation: Say What?

So, what’s premature ejaculation, anyway? The current definition on the ground is the recurrent ejaculation at minimal levels of sexual stimulation before or moments after penetration.

Do you find yourself subconsciously agreeing and nodding your head when you read the definition? Or did you feel like there’s butterflies in your stomach, as the definition exactly describes most of your sexual experiences? If they do, I’ll have to present you with the harsh truth: you have premature ejaculation.

But don’t worry – for mild cases of premature ejaculation, I’ll be providing 2 tips that will make you last longer in bed, and slowly eliminate premature ejaculation.

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Start with the Roots: Masturbation

Premature ejaculation might be a learned behavior – we might have learned to “come” as quickly as we can. This behavior definitely has its roots in our adolescent years, when we realize that rubbing our penis actually feels great! Slowly, we began to masturbate, but fear getting caught by our family members – Mum seems to have this not-so-awesome ability to open the doors just when your hands are reaching into your pants or, even worse, when you’re firing off your spectacular display of fireworks.

As such, we tend to rush through orgasm, and ejaculate quickly. Over the years, this fear that Mum will open the doors anytime manifests itself in bed, and you ejaculate even faster than you can say “Whoops!”

This behavior can be unlearned, but it can take some time. Firstly, reassure yourself that no one’s going to bother your “treatment”. Start masturbation with minimal sexual arousal – start first with just your imagination, taking your time to reach orgasm. Do not try to rush through it; feel the amazing sensation that you get when your trusty right hand pleasures you. Then, slowly increase the level of stimulation – naughty images, pornography, and finally sex toys. By then, your stamina would have increased by a whole lot, and when you finally face your final test, your partner will be amazed at the length of time you can last.

All in the mind: Relaxing Yourself

Most men suffer from performance anxiety in bed: Does she think I’m hot? Is this the longest she’s ever seen? Why is she closing her eyes? Is she imagining someone else on top of her instead of me?

These thoughts aren’t very arousing at all, but they’re the reason why men prematurely ejaculate. With these nagging thoughts swimming around their head, these men tend to rush through sexual intercourse to get away from this uncomfortable situation. Before your partner knows it, the night is over, and you’re rushing out of the room as quickly as you can.

A natural solution presents itself at this point: Relax! Although the cure for each man is different, as the root of their anxiety varies, there are general relaxation techniques that can temporary reducing tension and anxiety in them.

One way is to simply take deep breaths during intercourse. Taking in deep breaths effectively lowers your heart rate – there are positive correlations between increased heart rate and the level of anxiety. Doing this out of intercourse to make yourself used to deep breathing makes it easier to implement it during your next encounter with your partner.

Also, it helps a lot to block out the worrisome thoughts in your head – next time the thought pops out of nowhere, imagine static blocking out the thoughts. Remember that most of these worries are unfounded, and treating them as annoying distractions to sex is an effective way of getting rid of these thoughts.

There are a myriad of solutions online, but these 2 solutions treat the most common roots of premature ejaculation. Integrate these techniques into your daily life, and prepare to wow your partner when in bed. She’ll be pleasantly surprised, and you’ll finally be able to brag about how long you can last.

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