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Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Have you watched the music video by Lonely Island titled “Jizz in my Pants”? This slapstick-humor about 2 young men’s sad affliction of premature ejaculation had already garnered millions of views on YouTube. Sure, this video may be funny (though mightily exaggerated – ejaculation when touching a bunch of grapes, seriously?), but only because this condition happened on someone else. To the good men suffering from premature ejaculation, this video would not be that funny at all; they will see themselves as the two very… impatient men in the video.

Hope might have forsaken the poor men who “comes” at the very thought of a woman, However, for the rest of you who suffer from milder cases of premature ejaculation, heave a sigh of relief; the premature ejaculation exercises below will grant you redemption from this embarrassing condition.

Exercise 1: Breathing Exercises

We all have definitely mastered the art of breathing (the ones who hadn’t are dead). However, most of you do not understand the effect breathing has on you. During intercourse, it is natural for you to pant heavily from the sheer passion and excitement of copulation. However, by taking deep breaths during intercourse, instead of short, quick ones, you’ll be able to calm yourself down, and release some of the pent-up sexual tension; the only other way to release this is ejaculation.

You can practice breathing deeply anywhere, anytime! Firstly, before breathing in, imagine your lungs as a deflated balloon. Then, as you slowly breathe in, feel the balloon slowly expanding, until it’s stretched to its limit. Once this is achieved, slowly breathe out, and repeat again. Once you get the hang of it, use this breathing technique during sexual intercourse – your partner will definitely be amazed at how much longer you can last in bed.

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Exercise 2: Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises refer to a series of exercises that specifically targets your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. This muscle group is found in the pelvic region, and can be used to control urinary flow and, more importantly, ejaculation.

To know where your PC muscles are, try stopping your urine stream the next time you go to the toilet. It will be uncomfortable, and you might not be able to stop the flow completely – but this action will show you where your PC muscles are.

Pub Coccygeus Muscle Male

Designed by and named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, Kegel exercises involve contracting your PC muscles, such that you’ll strengthen this muscle group and eventually use them to control ejaculation. The basis of this exercise is simple: clenching your PC muscles repeatedly over the course of the day. Vary the time you hold your PC muscles tight, and you’ll see results in a few weeks – your PC muscles are strong enough if you can stop your urine flow mid-stream.

Exercise 3: Stop and Start

Once you have strengthened your PC muscles with Kegel exercises, move on to master this premature ejaculation exercise known as the “Stop and Start”. Simply put, right before the point-of-no-return, cease stimulation of your genitalia immediately. It might be hard to actually do this in practice, but know that doing this will be beneficial your sex life.
You can practice this while masturbating – do the usual stuff with your good ol’ right hand (or left, if you’re a leftie), and just when you feel that you’re about to orgasm, stop masturbating, and squeeze your PC muscles as tight as possible to prevent yourself from ejaculating. Done right, you’ll experience a tingling sensation very close to orgasm. Don’t worry if you’re wiping yourself down at this point; practice makes perfect.

These 3 exercises will make your nights feel like a marathon instead of a 10-yard sprint. With sufficient practice, your partner will definitely be impressed with your stamina, and you’ll never have to stammer through your explanation the source of the milky fluid 1 minute into intercourse again.

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