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Stay Hard: 4 Reasons Why It’s Not Happening

Upon reading this article’s title, you might laugh out loud: What’s so hard about staying hard? Surely “Hustler” and “Playboy”, with their immensely hot sex goddesses parading the front pages is enough to want to rush to the toilet for some private time with your right hand?

However, there are times when this is not the case – you might simply be too tired to actually stay hard, your lady friend might be a tad too ugly for you, maybe your girl wasn’t always a girl…

The list goes on and on, but in this article, I’ll show you 4 top reasons why your buddy just refuses to stand.

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One: Alcohol

Say No To AlcoholIf you’ve had a few drinks too many before taking your missus to a private corner, chances are that she’ll have to wait a very long while before you get even remotely excited about her voluptuous body. Alcohol is a depressant – it dulls your senses and slows brain activity, leaving you in a state of semi-consciousness. As such, with more than your fair share of Johnny Walker running through your veins, it’ll be some time before you register that you’re about to have sex, and even some more time before your buddy gets that notion as well.

Two: State of Health

Have you ever rejected your wife’s curiously horny advances by saying that “I’m just too tired”? Well, it’s a good thing you rejected her (unless she takes revenge, and reject your subsequent advances for a week) – if you’re too tired, you will find it hard to stay hard.

In addition, if you’re sick, fatigued, or otherwise compromised in terms of your health, you’ll find it hard to get excited about sex as well. This is common sense; you might be the horniest man alive, but there’s no way you can think about sex when you’re sneezing every minute, and shivering from the chills.

Three: Guilt

Is the woman now in your bed drunk? Is she even aware that she’s about to give another man his time of his life? If this is the case, chances are that you wouldn’t be having much of an erection – it is guilt at work! While we congratulate you for having the morals to feel that way, you’ll find it very hard to start the engine running if you continue to feel this way. Not that we’re advocating you to rip your morals into shreds and force yourself onto her, but we won’t stop you if you decide to go down that path.

Four: Depression

Ever been depressed before? You’ll feel as if time is dragging its feet as you wallow in a pit of self-misery. You’ll be extremely fatigued, and will not want to do anything at all. In short, life sucks.

When in this condition, it will definitely be hard for you to even think about sex – your life is in the dumps, and there’s simply no mood for you to be procreating. Of course, you don’t have to be struck with a major depression spell to be unable to stay hard; just being exceptionally emotional for the day is enough to do that.

Well, I hope this article has helped you gleaned insights on your lack of erection. Next time you enter a sexually-tensed situation, make sure you avoid these pitfalls so that you can function at your full ability. Of course, if it involves someone who’s not 100% woman, you’ll be forgiven for not staying hard. Good luck trying to get out of that situation, by the way.

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