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Take Charge! Dominating Her During Sex

The statistics speaks the truth: most women want to be dominating during sex. In a survey, 66% reported that they want to be tied up during one of their sexual encounters with their partners, and 74% reported that they actually like spanking! While society has been more gracious in allowing woman to be at the top, sexual encounters seem to be more traditional. So, if you’re the gentlemanly sort that prefers to let your woman take control, STOP! Show her the alpha male within you, and take control right now!

Why should you be dominant?

Being dominant doesn’t mean pulling her by the hair and punishing her for disobeying (that’s called “abuse”, by the way). It just means taking control, taking the lead. You’ll be the one making decisions, thinking what to do next and your girl will be the one following your commands. Take this concept into the copulation, and bring your girl through the best sexual encounter she has ever been in!

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The alpha male within you – How to show dominance

Pin her down – Traditionally, men has always been the dominant one because they’re much stronger than their female counterparts. Make use of this strength granted by nature on bed – pin her down on the bed by the wrist, and ravage her! She’ll feel helpless but strangely aroused, and you’ll be able to show her whose boss! Just make sure you know the person you’re pinning down on bed; we don’t want you being brought to court.

Go on top of her – By going on top of her, you make her primeval self accept you as the dominant one of the two. This has been observed in the animal kingdom – the alpha wolf subdues any challengers to its position by pinning them on the ground. Do this, and you’ll find yourself taking control of the entire night.

Stare into her – The eyes plays a very heavy part in exerting dominance. Stare into her eyes passionately, and make sure she looks away before you do. When she does look away, she acknowledges that you are the dominant one, and take control from here onwards.

Be rough – This means physically manhandling her – carry her up onto the table if you must! However, do be gentle on her at the same time – you won’t want your loved one to be hurt during this night of passion and love, do you?

You might even want to try ripping her clothes off! This gives her a feeling of total submission toward you as you begin ravaging her body, burying your head into her bosoms. Just make sure she’s not wearing her favorite clothes.

Understand that most woman want you to dominant them – they want you to take control, take their hand through the entire sexual encounter. However, do give them some chance to be in control as well. Allow them space to control how the sexual encounter is going so that they don’t feel like slaves to you.

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