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The Multi-Orgasmic Man

A night of passion is wonderful. It constitutes the merging of two souls into one as you and your partner revel in a steamy, lustful embrace. However, how long this wonderful event last essentially depends on one thing – when you ejaculate. Usually, men have come to associate orgasms with ejaculation – I don’t have to explain this further, do I? But what most men don’t know is that they’re wrong. Orgasms don’t necessarily have to come with ejaculation, and you do not necessarily have to have just one orgasm per intercourse.

Surprised? You should be – this secret is so well kept that only few people know, and even fewer have mastered it. Here, we’ll share the secrets of the multi-orgasmic man with you.

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Understanding Orgasms

But first, we must understand how orgasms are achieved. Every man has 4 phases – Arousal, stimulation, the peak (i.e. point of no return) and orgasm.

During arousal, we are aroused by various incidents, such as perhaps your girlfriend taking off your clothes, or perhaps a sudden thought about a very kinky scene you’ve seen in a particular movie. Blood rushes to your penis, and it starts to become erect.

If nothing happens, your penis will shrink back to its normal size, and you’ll feel rather dejected. However, if you got lucky, the next stage will probably be stimulation. Here, stimulations to your body or your genitals will get you more and more aroused, until your penis becomes fully erect.

Then, you’ll reach the peak, or the point of no return. Past this point, you’ll find yourself ejaculating even if you stop stimulation, and you would have reached orgasm.

So, what do I do to be multi-orgasmic?

The key to have multiple orgasms is to stop stimulation before your go past the point of no return. The idea goes like this: You will continue arousal until you feel like you’re about to ejaculate. Then, you’ll squeeze your PC muscles together (explained below) to stop any ejaculation from happening. If done correctly, you’ll experience a tingly feeling that feels extremely good – you have just attained orgasm without ejaculation.

What are the PC muscles?

The PC muscles are the key to multiple orgasms. PC muscles are the muscles that control urine flow when you are at the toilet, and can also be used to stop ejaculations. When it squeezes, it essentially shuts off the urinary tract, thus creating a chokepoint and stopping any fluid, be it urine or semen, from exit the human body through the penis.
To properly utilize your PC muscles, you will have to conduct what are known as Kelger exercises. These exercises are designed to help you strengthen you PC muscles, making them more dependable for your cause. A full article about the various Kelger exercises to do can be found on another article in this site.

That’s the gist of it – multiple orgasms are achievable. However, it will take many weeks, even months, of practice. When you eventually master it, you’ll surprise your girlfriend with your superhuman-like stamina.

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